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Prior CNC Machining Projects

ITAR Registered Machine Shop
AS9100 Certified Machine Shop
SAM Registered Machine Shop
FAA Certified Repair Station

We're proud of each of our machining projects. Here are a Few...

Complex Precision Machining

Complex Precision Machining

Toyota High-Pressure Hydrogen Fuel Cell Regulators

SAN DIEGO, CA 07 NOV 2019 – General Atomics Electromagnetic Systems (GA-EMS) announced today that it has been awarded a contract from the Army Contracting Command, Warren, MI for a high-pressure hydrogen generation system to support refueling of hydrogen vehicles in the field. 


Aerospace Machining

F-15 Inconel Starter Assembly

We’ll often use Inconel for aerospace machining applications that may be subject to intensely high temperatures. Inconel forms a protective oxide layer when under high heat, making it heat-resistant. Inconel is also resistant to pressure, corrosion and oxidation. 

Aerospace machining with Inconel
Complex CNC Turning

Complex CNC Turning

Honeywell APU 331-500 Inconel 718 Turbine Stator Support

Many machining projects involve complex shapes and extremely tight tolerances. This project was no exception. Here, we utilized our complex CNC turning capabilities, and can perform CNC turning up to 29″ diameter. 

Complex Casting Machining

We can help you bridge the gap between the limitless design options afforded by castings and the precise accuracy achieved by CNC machining.

It’s often cost-prohibitive to produce complex shapes such as these by methods other than casting. The tradeoff is surface finishes and a lower degree of parts accuracy (tolerances). With our complex casting machining services we can help you achieve the surface finishes and tolerance requirements you need. 

Complex casting machining
Machining Partners

Proud Machining Partner

We’re proud to have provided our machining services to these companies over the past decade.

Earning and building trust has been the key to our success. We’re so thankful to have been entrusted by many of the most recognized brands in the world.

Whether you’re a small, local company needing assistance with your part design, or a large international aerospace company, we provide the same, consistent, top-quality machining services no matter your size. 

More Services

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We can help you bridge the gap from an idea to a successful production run. Our knowledge and understanding of machining, part design, materials and manufacturing has led to countless successes for companies in need of prototyping services or assistance with New Product Introduction (NPI).

Castings offer many benefits, including speeding up time to market. However, one of the tradeoffs with castings is accuracy. Many castings require final machining in order to meet tolerance requirements or acceptable surface finishes. This is where we come in. We can take your castings, and bring them in line with your expectations/blueprint tolerances. 

When it comes to machined parts, sometimes manual/human intervention is the best answer. For example, if your machined part isn’t extremely complex it can often be quicker and less expensive to build your parts on a manual mill or lathe. One thing you’ll find with Sonic Aerospace is we always operate with our customers’ best interest at hand. If we can save you money and time, that’s what we’re going to recommend!

Development of repairs and tooling for gas turbine engine parts.

If you need a predictable flow of machined parts, we can build, store and ship your machined parts so you always receive them right when you need them. 

Machining projects involve a lot of moving parts (literally). High volume machining presents another set of challenges. From tooling, to coolant management, material procurement, project management, staffing and machining capabilities we’re well equipped to handle jobs ranging from small to higher volumes of machined parts. 

Once your components are machined to your specifications, we can help to meticulously compile them into a kit so you don’t have to. With our kitting services we can save you both time and money. 

Often times, machined parts require additional working by our customers. There are a wide range of options, but a few common secondary machining operations include plating, anodizing, brazing, powder coating, deburring, painting, passivation, heat treating, or part marking. Whatever your requirements, we can handle them all for you. One purchase order. One point of contact. 

Using advanced CAD/CAM software we provide early stage concept design, part engineering and mechanical design of parts and products. 

Whether a company went out of business or a product goes end of life, sometimes we need to deconstruct individual components that are part of a larger product. With our reverse engineering services we’re able to capture detailed information about a part’s design, and thereby recreate it. We can help you regain part data with our reverse engineering services. 

Wondering if your part will meet your quality, safety, reliability or performance standards? Is your material selection up to the task? We’ll help you remove the guesswork. With our Non-Destructive Testing we’ll evaluate critical variables, and make necessary recommendations to help you ensure part/product success. 

Are you in need of custom tooling, fixturing or workholding solutions? This is a passion of ours, and we use our own tooling and fixturing every day at Sonic Engineering. 

With consignment inventory, we own the parts inventory until your machined parts ship. Our customers appreciate reduced inventory holding costs, and predictable parts delivery with our consignment inventory options. Ask us for more details about this. 

Yes, we’re a Phoenix machine shop but our reach is nationwide. Multiple transit options mean quick, efficient machined parts delivery no matter your location. Ready for a better option? Reach out to us today!

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